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Exploits of XII Crimean Imperial Guard: chapter 1
   Exavelt is a war torn world. Since there was a coup, half the planet now turned away from the Immortal God-Emperor's light. As it is so big, the Imperial Guard from the neighboring agri-planet Crimea had been called in. Since the Rebels planned to be staying, they had constructed many trenches across the individual continent of Exavelt.
   Private Hanley scouted the rebel trench with his sniper scope from the safety of a secluded child's treehouse that was made proberly before the coup. All of his squad was there. His uniform didn't help blending in as it was a bright red and white, similar to the British Empire Soldiers. Even his hat had a brown feather sticking out of it.
   "Not that many," he sighed, as he was looking for a challenge. "Only four."
   He alerted his three squad mates. "Right, roger that." His Sergeant replied, as his call was needed to execute the command. They all knew the drill, if someone spotted enem
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Exploits of XII Crimean Imperial Guard: chapter 2
   Private Hanley and his squad stalked through the trench. Rebels could be behind any turn, any hollow or any hole. Hollow caverns were carved into the trench, primitive hay and straw beds were stacked by the dozen.
   Hanley holstered his sniper rifle on his back and drew his laspistol. It would be nowhere as strong but in tight, confined spaces like this it would be invaluble. Both Privates Connely and Decklan done the same. His sergeant already had put his away but as he was a higher rank, he had a bolt pistol.
   Suddenly a man ran around the corner with the blood insignia of the rebels. In a fraction of a second he was lying on the floor, his mouth foaming. Sergeant Christopher's Bolt pistol had smoke coming out of the muzzle. Any hope of them being stealthy had been crushed by the sound of the pistol as proberly half the trench knew where they were.
   "Great work. Great fucking work sergeant. Thanks for sending them a
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Old Friends, 40K Fanfic
                                      OLD FRIENDS
    'Where is your master hiding, filthy servant of the Carrion God?'
    In response to the inquiry the Plague Marine, adorned in ancient and poorly maintained power armour painted in the colours and heraldry of the Death Guard, began to chuckle heartily.  His tone was obnoxiously jocund, a fact which, considering the gravity of the situation in which the wretch now found himself, the opponent facing him found altogether discomforting.
    'So then you're the one, eh?' the Plague Marine responded at last, his voice warm and welcoming.  'The Sorcerer.  He said you would come to Bogblast, and here you are indeed.  I'm sure he'll be glad to see you.
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